Monday, November 22, 2010

You Might Be in the NICU Too Long When...

This is the complete posting of "You Might Be in the NICU too Long When..."  The new ones are at the top, with the rest of the collection after them.  I'll continue to add to it until we're out of the NICU!  :)

Your son knows where all of the broken slabs are in the sidewalk that make for fun rocking during the walk to the hospital.

You buy one of those big refill bottles of soap so that you won't run out...and actually think to yourself, I'd better not run out!

You actually encourage such landmarks because it helps make the walk quicker!

You can distinguish between a real and false Brady or Desat (and, for that matter, you know what they are!)

The terms Durable Medical Equipment, Private Duty Nursing, and Model Waver are a part of your everyday vocabulary.

You dream about filling out insurance forms.

You start referring to the Ronald McDonald House as home.

As far as you know, absolutely nothing is happening in the outside world.  The latest news is lost on you!

You are not the least bit alarmed when your child's vent tube comes detached.  You simple push it back in!

4 lbs, 12 oz sounds HUGE to you!

You can answer the doctor's questions about your daughter's care better than the nurse can.

Staff members from other units come in and ask you questions because they think you work there.
The gruffest, burliest guard knows you by name and actually becomes rather friendly.

You wear your yellow sterile gown all the way to the main entrance of the hospital because you're so used to it.

You have a favorite sink to scrub in.

You can fill the nurses in on different elements of your daughter's care.

People stop asking when you're going home.
The guys who run the shuttle know your story and you know theirs!

You look at the board with pictures of former NICU babies and can't wait to have your daughter's picture on it! 


jcmom+dad said...

When staff outside of the NICU assumes that you work there also.

Kerri Goins said...

every bit of this is the truth! My little girl has been in the hospital for 6 months and I long for the day when I can bring her home with her daddy me and her big brother!