Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog Button

Thanks to Symmetric Mom for making me a blog button!!  If you look on the right hand side of my blog, you'll see a cute picture with "Life as a Leach" written on it.  Here's how you can use it:

If you have a blog, you can save that photo by right-clicking and saving it on your hard drive.  Then go into the design and add a gadget.  Click "add a photo" and insert my blog button into it.  Then write my blog address as the url and it should work! 

So cute, Symmetric Mom!  Thanks!!  (Yes, I know her IRL* name, but she's trying to keep a super-secret identity on her blog...I don't want to give anything away!)

*In Real Life


ds said...

I so don't understand a thing you just said!

Larissa said...

good call, julie!

Katie said...

haha, only my first name is known on my super secret blog. :)

Glad you like it!