Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Little Chubball

Abby weighs 4 lbs, 12 oz!!  Wahoo!  We are close to that magical 5 lb mark!  Go Abby!

In other news, we toured Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital yesterday (where they will eventually send Abby for our trach classes and her transition home).  It is a really nice facility for when Abby is ready to go there.  We just don't want her to go too early and not truly be ready for it, because it is not a critical care unit like they have at UMMC.

In other, other news, the internet at RMH stopped working Friday afternoon just in time for the weekend!  I'm hoping that it will be back up and running tomorrow.  Sorry for the lack of posting.  I'm currently using the computer at my parents' house. (In case you ever wonder how I post at certain times, Time Delay is my friend!  I can set it to post at a certain day and time, which means I can write several posts at once and space them out.  This, for example, was written at 10 a.m. today!)  :)


ds said...

Santa will most definitely find Caleb no matter where he is!

gail said...

I worked at Mt. Washington for a summer back in 2003. The staff there (administrators, doctors, nurses...everyone!) is great. The hospital for sick children is a very similar hospital in DC if you are, perhaps, looking for some place a little closer to home.