Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I really hate goodbyes. 

I always feel awkward--do I hug, do I not?  Plus, I can't keep my emotions in check long enough to be able to say a sincere goodbye without crying.  If it's the least bit sad or bittersweet, the tears will start a'falling.  It's guaranteed. 

Now that we're probably going to be transferred to Mount Washington at the end of the week, I will be having lots of goodbyes to say.

Goodbye to the amazing nurses who have taken such good care of Abby. 

Goodbye especially to Megan, Carrie, and Wendi, who have gone above and beyond in taking an interest in my girl and our family.

Goodbye to the sweet respiratory therapist, Natalie, who loves Abby so much and tells her often!

Goodbye the the desk staff whom we have seriously grown to love!

Goodbye to the security guards--the gruff and not-so-gruff!

Goodbye to my wonderful nurses from my lengthy stay in the anti-partum unit (which is right next to the NICU, so we see them all of the time)

Goodbye to my dear, sweet Marilou, who was so much more than a nurse to me.

So, yeah...lots of goodbyes.  It's a pretty safe bet to say that I'll be carrying lots of tissues and going sans-mascara for the next few days. 

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