Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Miss My Blog

I've been using Caring Bridge to update people about Abby's progress since I was hospitalized in September.  Now, CB does have its positives--people can be notified when new posts are up, tichere's a separate guestbook for comments, and it is specifically about her diagnosis.  However, my love for CB is not nearly as deep as my love for Blogger.  I miss the freedom I have here to post pictures and such.  For some reason, CB's picture size limit is extremely small...making it difficult to post pictures!

Soooooo, here are a bunch of new pictures that I have not been able to post on CB!  Enjoy parusing through a stack of pictures of the cutest two kids in the world!!

Caleb carved a pumpkin at RMH.

Waiting for Ronald McDonald to come to the house!

Abby joy, all clean after her first trach change!

Photo shoot with the pretty quilt Grammy made her (note the coordinating purple bow!)

I think she likes it!

Caleb has a similar shirt!  This onesie is huge on her and she probably won't be able to wear it because of the trach, but the idea is very cute!

My girl is learning to love the pacifier!

Proud Daddy with his girl

Her hair gets really curly after you wash it!

Checking out her Momma!

Hi Ronald McDonald!

Caleb LOVED him!!!

We've missed our sweet boy!

Caleb is going to be so bored after we go home...the entertainment will all be gone!

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