Thursday, November 18, 2010


To the right of the blog is a little button that allows you to follow me.  Please do!  I like to know who is reading...I'm  nosy that way.  Also, in order to comment, you have to be a registered user.  It's not hard to do, but the reason I have it set up that way is that I had a few anonymous comments that creeped me out a bit in the past.  This way, I can see who is commenting.  The positive:  I can comment after your comments if you ask me a question or say something I want to respond to!  Yay!  :)

Tomorrow I have a big insurance meeting with my social worker and case manager to try to wade through an ocean of paper work, claims, policies, approvals, and other various kinds of red tape.  I will be spending my evening making sure I'm prepared!  It probably would have been easier if the social security, Medicaid and insurance phone calls I'd made (daily for the last week) had been returned, but I'll just have to deal with what I've got.

In other news: I didn't get to see Abby Girl too much today.  They were unfortunately transporting a very sick little guy to Hopkins most of the afternoon (it gets really crowded when that happens so parents can't come in), and then one of the nurses got sick...literally.  Yuck!  Add to that a procedure for another baby and it was pretty much a hi\Abby how's it going gotta run now I love you ba-bye kind of a day.  Hopefully things will be a little less exciting tomorrow. 

In other other news:  I am extremely humbled and thankful for the generosity of so many people.  Matt and I are speechless at the number of people who have come along side of us during this difficult time.  I'm not really sure how to truly express our thanks because a thank you note seems so trivial, but rest assured that we will be paying it forward!

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