Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Turns out, there is wifi on the first floor that is working, not just the internet on the two computers.  I'd love to have it in my room, but this is good enough for me!  Now, for some lovely pictures of some lovely children:

Caleb loves to "hold" Abby!  We never did get a picture of him smiling, but he really does love it! 
I am one month old!  (November 22, 2010)
 A family made three Build-a-Bears for us:  one for Caleb, one for Abby, and one for Caleb to give to an RMH friend.  He chose Baxter, and I think it was a good choice!  Here's Abby with her guardian angel and Baxter giving Caleb a big thank you hug for his bear!

We took an afternoon to go to the Baltimore Zoo.  This looks more like Calvert County than Baltimore City!

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