Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heaven Gained a Wonderful Man

Today, the world lost one of the most wonderful men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Harry Darby was the worship leader at Grace Chapel, where Matt was the youth pastor for three years.  He was such an encouragement to me as a young married woman and even more so after I had Caleb. 

What I remember most about Harry was his energy!  This was a man who could jump around at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning like he was already on his fourth cup of coffee!  Caffeine wasn't what gave Harry his amazing spirit though--God did!  Harry had a love for God that shone through everything he said and did.  To know him was to love him.

Harry was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and even through all of the treatments he was giving the glory to God.  One of his favorite quotes, "God is good, all the time!" was his motto right up until the end.  He lived a life of sacrifice and love.  While we will all miss him, we know that he is celebrating in Heaven tonight!


Darryl said...

What a beautiful testament to Harry. I, too, remember him as always running on "supercharge" whenever I saw him.

Aunt Judy said...

Really enjoy reading your blog. I worked for quite some time previously & again today so that I could send you a note here. (Not very "Google-Blog" literate, I guess.)
Have a great wkend.