Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jesus Lived in a Suitcase

So, tonight I was walking the fine line between letting some things go with Caleb's behavior because of his world being turned upside down and trying to maintain some sense of control. 

For some reason, he really wanted to sleep in our suitcase (it's a big one and it was open...don't worry!), so I relented and said sure.  (That was a bad idea in the long run, by the way--no sleeping was to be had while he was in the suitcase, so I made him get back in his bed eventually!)

Anyway, after he settled into the snuggly suitcase with all of his stuffed animals--and there are many--and his cuddle blanket, he remarked,

"This is kind of like what Jesus lived in."

We need to get that kid to Sunday school!

Of course, do you know the Christmas song that popped into my head at that point???

Away in a suitcase, no crib for a bed...

It's a new Christmas classic!

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