Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Sunday

I keep forgetting to blog about the church service last Sunday. I must remedy that immediately!

The worship team at our church performed "Our God" as a special music selection. You may remember that we have adopted that as our family theme song and our worship leader knew it! He shared a bit of our story with the congregation, then let Caleb introduce the song in his own way. We had a video of Caleb singing "Our God" that my sister took, so they played that on the screen before the worship team started singing. Watching Caleb sing was enough to make me cry (in all honesty, I cried wayyyyy before that even started...), but the whole thing was just a really sweet gesture of love and support to our family. Looking around at the faces of people in the congregation and the choir, I think it meant a lot to everyone else as well. After all, so many of them have been traveling this journey with us!
If you want to listen to "Our God," check this out!  It's Chris Tomlin's live version.  I want to post the video of our worship team singing it, but it's a 20 minute video and I'm not sure how to edit it.  If I figure it out, I'll be sure to post it!

In other news: Abby's occupational therapist came to work with her today and was very impressed with how much better her hands were! She could tell I've really been working on them and even said that she didn't think there was any need for the braces after all! We sure showed them, didn't we Abby Girl?!


Darryl said...

The song was really inspirational. Caleb is so cute when he sings it. (John, so you don't feal jealous, you were "cute", too! Ha! Ha!) I look over at Amy and there was someone with a video camera aimed at me. I hope she was focused on Amy rather than me. I needed to be kind of blurry in the background since I was a little emotional.

Julie said...

Oh no, Aimee got you on camera too. :)

Julie said...
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