Monday, November 29, 2010

A Skit

I am convinced that the government made the Social Security application absolutely ridiculous in hopes that people would just decide not to complete it.
I can just hear them now:

Government official #1: [evil laugh] Hehehe!  Let's see how terrible we can make this form.

Government official #2:  [rubs hands together villainously] Oh, yes!  Let's!  The more difficult it is, the fewer people will apply!  Then we can use the money we save the country on catered breakfasts for the staff!

Government official #3:  Ooooooh, I have an idea!  Let's make them collect the name, address, and phone number of every single doctor the patient has ever seen! 

Government official #2:  Great idea!  Then we can make them type each one in individually, even if they all have the same address!  [cackles]

Government official #1:  Let's not forget that we need to require all of the medicines the applicant has ever taken.  If they're sick enough to apply for disability, then that will mean a lot of medications!  Who's going to do that?!?

Government official #3:  [jumping up and down] Oh, oh, pick me!  Make sure you ask for descriptions of each medication and how long each was given!  NOBODY will have that kind of information!

[All cackle together]

Government official #2:  Yes, yes, these are all wonderful ideas!  I can almost taste the bacon and eggs now...

I mean, seriously, who asks for this kind of stuff?!?


Sandy said...

Answer to your question: The Government--probably soon to get worse with Obama Care.!! Know exactly what you mean-like seriously ridiculous. Sandy Murphy

Darryl said...

Now you have an idea what I go through with the Veteran's Administration. But don't feel a sense of relief when you complete the application. They will likely ask you to do the same thing again on a periodic basis. The VA does.

Sarah C. said...

This was great! What a wonderful way to turn a frustrating obstacle into a bit of fun to brighten the day. Julie, you have a real gift. Thank you for sharing it with us!

ds said...

I really think you should sell this skit to Jay Leno.

Erin and Scott said...

I honestly have no idea what you are talking about I have never experienced any governmental redtape and ridiculous question/forms that ask the same question the last 8pgs asked!!!!

Tara said...

great skit. i feel your pain! in my work life i enroll our healthcare providers into insurance plans and even then i have so much irrelevant info i have to include - i'm waiting for them to start asking for the providers blood types, LOL