Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rough Days

Q & A

I've always enjoyed reading Q & A's that bloggers have done about their lives, but back when I had like 5 blog readers (most of them family), I figured that there really wouldn't be much to share about my not-so-exciting life.

Now that life just got a whole lot more interesting, I thought that it might be worth a shot. Depending on how it goes, I may do these every now and again.

So, over the next few days (let's say until Sunday night?), either email me at the address to the right or post your questions on the guestbook. I will do my best to answer them openly and honestly. Of course, I also reserve the right not to answer a question. :)

I know that a lot of you probably have questions about CCMS. I will try my best to answer them...but "I don't know" might be my best response! That was the answer we've gotten from the doctors to a lot of our questions too. :o/

You can also ask questions about things not at all related to CCMS, like how long I've been a vegetarian. (I'll save you asking that one--the answer is 17 years and I just had my vegeversary on November 9th. I usually celebrate it by eating something totally stereotypically vegetarian, but this year I was a bit preocuppied.) I'll answer all types of questions!

Soooo, here goes! I hope I won't regret opening it up like this, but I don't think I will. You all have been amazingly loving and encouraging, and I know you probably have lots of questions. We'll see how it goes! :)

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Saturday, November 13, 2010 9:48 PM, EST

Well, Abby didn't have such a hot day today. She started off the morning with her trach not suctioning properly. Turns out, the trach had kinked and they had to replace it. Unfortunately, they couldn't get the new one in and they had to bag her (give her oxygen). Thankfully, one of the pediatric surgeons was in the room and was able to finally get the trach in--but not without difficulty. It took Abby a while to recover from all of this trauma.

She also had a few episodes of low oxygen levels several times today for no apparent reason, which concerns me. That, coupled with the fact that she was not nearly as alert today as she has been recently and that she was relying heavily on the ventilator tonight, leaves me feeling uneasy. They will be watching her for an infection and she was already due for bloodwork tomorrow. I'm hoping this was all nothing but a bad day, but it definitely does concern me.

Please pray for Abby--we don't want ANY infections!!! Also pray that tomorrow will be a much better day for her. Matt is looking forward to some Daddy-Daughter time, so she needs to cooperate in order to be able to be held!

In other news: I have received some fabulous questions so far, through both the guest book and my email! Thanks to all of you who have asked questions. If you have a burning question to ask, just get it to me by tomorrow evening. I'll be posting answers around 10:00 or so. (For the record, I've already started answering some of them by typing the post into Word so that I can just cut-and-paste it. That way, I can do a little whenever I have a few minutes. Just call me Miss Efficient!) :)

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Sunday, November 14, 2010 5:15 PM, EST

Abby had another rough night/morning with oxgen levels and heart rates dropping often. Her red blood cell count came back borderline; that, combined with her dropping levels, her paleness, and her lethargy caused her medical team to suggest that she be given a little blood to "top her off." It was a small transfusion of just one ounce given over three hours, but we noticed a marked improvement by the end of it. She was more alert and pink than she had been yesterday. We're hoping not to have to do anymore transfusions, but it definitely helped her. They do not think any of this is an indication of infection--hopefully the extra blood will fix things!

In other news: Anymore burning questions? Get them to me by 10:00 tonight! I'll start posting answers tonight. (There are too many to do in one post!) Also, get ready for a guest blogger tomorrow.... :)

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