Friday, July 22, 2011

This is Not the Most Exciting Video

Unless, of course, you are interested in watching Abby take a bottle.  I took this video in order to show her feeding therapist (Yes, she actually does have one.  No, our insurance doesn't pay for it!  But it's the only way anyone will approve her to take food by mouth, so we're doing it!  We're hoping Medicaid will come through, but we don't know yet.)  I wanted her to see Abby sucking, just in case she didn't perform well when we went for our appointment!  It ended up being valuable, because she didn't really take anything at all when we were there.

I'm not smiling at all because any sign of emotion causes Abby to stop sucking.  I can't talk to her either.  Seriously!  Looking at her blankly helps her to focus on the task at hand.  Whatever works... 

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