Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Thousandth Post!!!

This is #1,000!  Isn't that crazy??  What is even crazier is that my blog is going to be reaching 100,000 hits in the next few days.  Insane!!  Thank you guys for sticking with me and for loving my girl.  It means so much to us to have so many people praying for Abby, cheering her on, and celebrating with us when she hits a milestone!

To celebrate the 1,000th post and the 100,000th hit, I'm going to do a little giveaway!  I have some LOCK & LOCK products for one lucky reader!!  You will receive a teal-lid large box (it's called a lunch box, but it can be used just as a regular storage container), a small round, and two small rectangulars.  You'll also get a water bottle!  If you're not local, no worries!  I'll mail it to ya!!  :)

**Both of these L&L products were purchased by me.  I received no reimbursement for doing this giveaway. I just wanted to have a little fun and do something nice as a way of saying thanks for putting up with me!  :)

Alllllllll you have to do to be part of this giveaway is to leave a little comment telling me an interesting tidbit you've learned about our family from the blog.  Just please make sure you leave it on this post...not on Facebook.  I'm doing the random number generator to determine a winner and need all of the comments to be in one place.  Comments left on Facebook won't count.  :(

One comment per person, please!  Naturally, you have to include your name in your comment in order for it to count.  If you do it as "anonymous," just make sure you sign your name!  You can also tweet about the contest, post the contest on your blog or Facebook, etc.  Each time you do, post another comment on here telling me what you did, with links if possible, for an extra chance to win!!  (If you tweet about it, put it on your blog, and post it on Facebook, be sure to enter it in as 3 different comments so that you get 3 chances to win!) 

The comments will close on Tuesday at 10:00 p.m.  After that, I will do the random number generator to determine a winner!  :)

Yay!  I hope we get lots of entries!!  (If not, I'm going to feel totally insecure, so please help me out and leave a comment!)


Anonymous said...

Julie, not that I need the Lock N Lock, but I may actually try it next time I need a certain size, but I do enjoy following Abby's progress. She has come so far from where she was the first time I saw her in the hospital. Her many blessings will only build not only for her, but for all 4 of you. All that being said, I hope you will continue to grow your blog.
Robin Jordan

Anonymous said...

I'm testing this out because a friend said she can't comment.

MaryJo Bevard said...

OK...I'm really commenting because You only have 2 other comments so far and I don't want you to get bummed out. Hopefully it's just early and others haven't read your post yet.(Of course I would Love to try out your L&L prize)
This journey with Abby has reminded me just how powerful prayer is. Abby's original prognosis seemed so grim. It broke my heart to think of the dire possibilities. What a turnaround. I truly believe it is a result of your devotion and the Army of prayer warriors she has pulling for her. Your faith is amazing and contagious!!!!

CKMPP said...

Although I have always known that prayer works and God heals, seeing it first hand, through Abby is amazing. I've also learned that Lock N Lock pans are fantastic and it is safe for a kid to go down the stairs in a box (though still not brave enough to let Mia try it).
Karen Nahas

Violet said...

I like checking in on Abby because I have a son who is close to her in age and also has a trach along with some other issues. Abby is making amazing progress. You and other moms that I have found are an inspiration to me. Thanks to you, we choose joy each day of our lives.

Anonymous said...

I also love following Abby's progress. Her prognosis was so grim and look at her now - I know God has great things planned for little Abby! The before and after x-rays of her rib/lung area are awesome. I can definitely tell a difference in the shape of her head too from wearing the helmet. I have learned many things from reading your blog and about Abby, but I love the daily reminder I see everytime I pull up your blog "A Family Learning to Choose Joy". No matter what is going on during our day or what our circumstances may be, we can choose joy - sometimes it's way easier than others but we can still choose it.

Karen Hinkle

Anonymous said...

I love reading about Abby's progress. I can see God's miracles in her through your blogs. And Caleb is a special loving big brother. You are truly bless with both your children.
Tric Gillette

Danielle Brown said...

I am comenting because I want you to know we are reading the blog, praying and celebrating with you guys. Two things I have learned - 1. Caleb has an amazing, crazy sense of humor 2. You and Matt have a lot of faith, and a lot of people surrounding you who pray for you

Anonymous said...

I have learned three things!
1. Caleb is an awesome big brother and has a great sense of humor.
2. Prayers of the little ones are answered as I know many mommies prayed and are still praying with their little ones for Abby's health and wellbeing.
3. Thanks to the support of God, friends, family, and a church community, you are truely a witness of God's faithfulnes.

Linda Subda

Anonymous said...

I've learned that the Leach family are really living out their faith. I am so glad that we have had front row seats for the miracles that God has accomplished in Abby. Also learned that Julie is crazy about Lock 'n lock.

The Ferguson Family

Amanda Davis said...

Thanks so much for all that you share in your blogs. Each day when I read it, I see your and your families faith shinning through in all that you say. It has been wonderful to read about Abby's progress. There are many praying for her and it is evident God is answering those prayers.

Amanda Davis

Dona said...

I have enjoyed reading your blogs to see how well Abby is doing...I have learned that you are an incredible mom to Caleb and Abby. Your strength amazes me!

Anonymous said...

I have learned a lot about Abby's equipment, schedule, etc. but mostly I have learned how amazing it is to have faith. My heart leaps with every post about progress yet doesn't despair when the posts are about tough days. THanks, Abby Joy, and thanks Matt, Julie and Caleb!!!

Betsie C.

Jessica Decker Hawk said...

I love reading your blogs Julie! It's always wonderful to see one of God's miracles. I actually really love to see Caleb's comments, and to see how much he loves his sister. We're reaching the stage where Gaby gets jealous of her brothers extra attention, and wants to share his medical equipment sometimes. You'll have to share if you ever face this too, and give me some advice if you find a good way to combat it.

Anonymous said...

Julie - I would love to win some Lock&lock! Your family is a true testament to trusting in God's faithfulness, no matter what! Rachel Harmon

Anonymous said...

I have learned that Our God is SOOO Big! I always knew this, but through your family, I was able to experience it. Abby is a strong, beautiful little girl. I am so glad that I can “visit” with your family through your blog. Caleb is a wonderful brother. He is so funny too. I will miss seeing your smiling face at school this year, but I am happy you have a job that works well with your family.
Jennifer Hurst

Joe's Wifey said...

Ok, I'm very interested in Lock & Lock!! I saw some at the store the other day and immediately thought if you. Anywho, I've been following you throughout Abby's progress. I read all your emails and have learned so much about you & your family. The most important tidit I've learned while following you is the amazing power of prayer.

kbowman6 said...

Amongst the many things I've learned about faith, family, love, and medicine, I learned about the Mommy Necklaces a while back, and bought 2 myself. I've been very pleased with them!

Anonymous said...

How can I summarize all that I have learned from reading your blog into one comment? I hope I have enough room!
--It has been a joy and a great encouragement to "watch" you and Matt face dire news with faith, prayer, tears, and determination, and to see what God has done to heal Abby. I always want to read to see what God is up to next!
--I would have LOVED to have you as my teacher. If you are this creative with a blog, I'll bet you are fabulous with helping others learn.
--Personally, I've learned how to respond (and unfortunately, how not to respond) to someone who is facing challenging circumstances, and to someone with disabilities (not "normal", as if such a thing actually existed anyway).
--Most of all, I've learned the power of keeping up your sense of humor!

Keep blogging!

--Sarah C. (MOPS)