Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quite an Imagination

Caleb wanted to play on this more than he wanted to go on any other ride.  The idea of a horse and buggy intrigued him and his imagination ran wild!

BTW:  Does anyone else's kid have different theme music for different types of play?  Caleb has made-up spy music he sings while he plays spies (a new thing since seeing Cars 2), and a different song (Matt calls it his Epic music) for when he plays soldiers.  It's totally made up, but he sings the same songs every time.  I think we have a John Williams on our hands.

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Becca said...


Barrett doesn't have different theme musics yet but my husband does have particular songs he hums when he is doing certain activities. There is "epic" music for when he has made dinner, race car music for when he's driving and a few other things. Boys!