Thursday, July 28, 2011


Abby's very first ride was the carousel.  I got up on the horse with her, but the operator told me I wasn't allowed to do that because of excess weight.  I'm pretty sure that Abby and I together weighed less than some of the other parents who were riding on the horses, but whatever.  I wasn't sure at that point how she would be sitting on it by herself with me holding her, so we just sat in the bench behind us.  Unfortunately, the sun was in her eyes there.

Matt took Abby on the carousel a second time the next day, and we knew by then that she would be fine sitting on the horse with support.  I wiped her hands really well as soon as she got off, since she was touching the horse and pole.  (Didn't want to disappoint my fellow germaphobes!)  She seemed to really like it, but I couldn't really get her to look at me because she was watching herself in the mirror.

Caleb likes riding the horses, but he prefers to pretend he's Woody riding Bullseye while trying to rescue Buzz Lightyear.  The whole leisurely carousel idea doesn't do much for him.  :)

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