Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lots of Rides

This is one super-long post about the rides we went on at Dutch Wonderland.  I saved the carousel for a post all its own, but this is most everything else!

Caleb and Abby went for a ride on the gondala.  Sadly, we could never go all together because we couldn't leave the stroller (with thousands of dollars of medical equipment!) unattended.

Going down the big slides 

Caleb preferred the bumper cars with Matt because Matt hit more people.  :)

This was a boat ride through Duke's (the dragon) lair.  It scared Caleb a little.  He did love "driving" the boat though.

The had an Amish buggy for a picture op.  The seat was really hot though, so Abby didn't really love it so much.

We rode a frog hopper that went up and dropped down.  I really had to do some convincing to get Caleb to ride it.  Look at how serious he is here!

Assuring him that it will be ok...

This is how he rode it the entire time. 

No putting his hands up!  He wouldn't admit it, but I think he had fun.

Caleb rode the pedal trains, but couldn't really pedal so well.

This was a definite favorite! 

We rode in what they called a steam boat (not really) and Abby loved looking all around.

Flying pandas 

Sir Caleb and Princess Momma

This is Caleb's all-time favorite ride.  The cars go around and go really fast at the corners.  As you can tell by the clothes, he rode it multiple times...but always in the yellow car!

Caleb and Matt rode a spinny ride that Matt wasn't too sure about.  They were both pretty dizzy when they got off!

For his special treat, Caleb got a knight and a horse from the gift shop.  He's waiting patiently after a long day for me to pay for his toys!

Stay tuned for many more pictures of our Dutch Wonderland adventure!

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