Saturday, July 23, 2011

Look What's Coming!

Abby got her first tooth last week, but she has been very unwilling to show anyone.  In fact, she won't put much of anything in her mouth at all and hasn't taken solids well for about a week either.  I just happened to snap a picture today in the car.  It's not the best one of her, but you can see that sweet little tooth pretty well!  Her other top front tooth is close to breaking through, as well as a top inciser.  As of now, none of the bottom teeth seem close. 

We aren't sure how the small jaw is going to affect the development of Abby's teeth.  She's pretty much guaranteed to have crowding (and braces!), but we're hoping that the bigger issues like not having teeth buds will be avoided.

At any rate, she'll have plenty of teeth on the top!

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