Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Helmet Pictures

Now that it's decorated and decoupaged, I think it looks a whole lot cuter.  :)

The poor girl had to relearn how to sit up because she's top-heavy now!  It was really sad.  Thankfully, she figured it out quickly and seems almost back up to where she is without the helmet.

Despite the smiles in these pictures, today was a pretty miserable day.  It was incredibly hot, and she was sooo sweaty even with the fan pointed directly at her.  There were a lot of tears today!

But you'd never know it from all of the smiles I captured!  The girl loves to look at herself in the mirror!

This was immediately after I took her helmet off.  Do you see how sweaty she is????  Ugh!  Poor girl!   
Tomorrow she has to wear it for four hours before a one hour break.  AND we're going to the doctor, which means lots of time in the car and the waiting room.  We're definitely bringing lots of toys to distract her!

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