Friday, July 15, 2011

Monster Trucks!

Last weekend, Caleb and Matt went to the loooooong awaited monster truck rally!  They've had these tickets since March, so Caleb has been not-so-patiently waiting for a long time!

It's totally not my thing, so I can't really explain what they did.  A lot of big trucks ran over cars and flipped.  It was really loud and there were lots of crashes.  That's about all I got, but Caleb loved it!  :)

Matt isn't quite as camera-happy as I am, but here are a few pictures from their adventure.

Caleb picked out a lovely Gravedigger tshirt, complete with skulls and tombstones!  Oh well...he can sleep in it!  He also got cotton candy that was in a toy Gravedigger, so that made him very happy.  He's played with it nonstop since they got home. 

Caleb is already talking about going again. long as I don't have to go!  :)

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