Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Green Tip

I'm not sure if any of you use vinegar the way I do, but it's quite the multipurpose house cleaner!  Some of these you may already know about, but there's at least one you may not!

*  We use it to wash out Abby's suction canister, feeding bag, and humidifier because it's safer than soap and doesn't leave a residue (if soap were to get in her trach, it would be really bad!)

*  I spray down the counters and table with it multiple times a day.

*  Caleb has recently started wiping down the 1/2 bath daily to earn an extra dime for his snack shop.  I have him use vinegar because it's safer and will clean well in between the times when I really clean.  We get a whole lot more traffic coming through there than we ever have, so it gets messy very quickly.

*  Here's the one you may not know...vinegar is a fabulous fabric softener!  I had read that it works well, but hadn't tried it until about a month ago.  If you have a load of smelly, extra dirty clothes (I use it with the towel loads), pour some vinegar in where you would pour liquid fabric softener.  It works really well!  I also soak sponges in vinegar, wring them out, and put one in each dryer load instead of a dryer sheet.  Nothing smells like vinegar!!  Matt wouldn't let me use it if it did!  You just have some nice, soft clothes without having to use any fabric softeners!

I store two sponges in a small Lock and Lock container to keep them soaking in the vinegar.  They are always all ready to go when I throw a load in the dryer because L&L products are air-tight.  The sponges are almost exactly the same size as this container, so it works out perfectly!

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Mindi and Adrian said...

Thanks for the tip about vinegar used for fabric softener. I'm always looking for easy and cheap green cleaning tips. Lately I discovered an easy dusting solution- olive oil and lemon juice in a spray bottle. Works so well!