Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Der Ziege!

One of my favorite things to do in Lancaster is grab one of the farmland maps and navigate through the back roads of Amish country.  It's pretty cool to look out over the corn and not see any power lines!  We did this Friday afternoon as a way to keep cool during the heat of the day, and we found ourselves at a candle shop/petting zoo.  "Petting" zoo is a stretch, as you really couldn't pet them, but you could feed them.  It was fun to watch Abby's reaction to her first experience with a goat.

She really was checking him out!  When I was taking these pictures, a little one nibbled on my knee and scared the crud out of me!

Caleb loved feeding the goats.  Isn't that the cutest laugh?

Yes, I actually did trust someone to take a picture with my camera!  I figured, around here, if they tried to run off with it, we could easily catch them.  Plus, she was a mom with several kids.  :)  I think this picture turned out pretty cute!

****BTW:  "Der Ziege" is an old family joke.  Ziege means goat in German.  When we were in Germany, my dad swore he saw goats coming down the mountain behind the restaurant we were in.  He started yelling, "Der Ziege!  Der Ziege!" so that the whole restaurant looked.  Nope, no goats, Dad!  :)


Darryl said...

Yes, there were goats on the hill. You all were just blind.

Deb said...