Monday, July 18, 2011

New Toy!

Abby found a new toy the other day.  It wasn't expensive, it didn't come recommended by specialists, and I didn't have to order it on line.  In fact, you can get it at the grocery store...or out of a machine!

A water bottle is Abby's new favorite toy!!  She absolutely loved the sound the plastic made.  It was so cute!

(She's also ventless, by the way!)

Here's a video of her in full playing mode.  Caleb wanted to get in on the video action as well... :)


Erin said...

This video is so so cute! I love that when Caleb came up next to Abby she reached her arm out and put it around her big brother! Love it!

tp said...

stop it. julie, this video just warmed my heart! she is (they both are) so precious!