Friday, July 29, 2011

How Abby Kept Cool

We considered letting Abby splash a bit in the water park (they have a section that is made for the really little ones), but decided that it was too crowded and that we shouldn't risk it.  We kept her in the shade and let her be helmet-free for a little while.  She was lovin' life!!

I brought a container of icy cold water with a wash cloth to wipe her down every now and then.  That really seemed to help cool her off.

The fan stayed propped up on the cooler bag the entire time Abby was in the stroller.  That little $6 Walmart special really came in handy!  The batteries lasted the entire time with it on high speed.  It really helped to keep her cooler.  Sometimes we would hold it right up to her face, which she loved!

The mean people at the eatery where Abby and I were hanging out while Caleb and Matt rode rides kicked us out because they were closing.  It's one of the few air conditioned places big enough to accommodate our monstrous stroller without it being in the way, so I was a bit upset.  Thankfully, it was quite a bit cooler by that time (8 p.m.) and we were fine to walk around outside a bit.  All that playing wore her out!

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mom said...

That picture of Abby in the stroller with the fan blowing on her is absolutely priceless!!!! Love it!!!