Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camping With Lock & Lock

My mom is a Lock & Lock junkie.  If you think I'm bad, just scroll down a bit!  When we visited them while they were camping, I took some pictures of the seriousness of her L&L habit.  :)

This is the fridge in the camper.  She can fit a whole lot in that thing!!

Sticks of butter

In the bathroom closet

This is the pantry.  She really especially loves the bread box because it keeps the bread fresh for much longer than just keeping it in the usual bag. 

Notice the labels?  I wonder where I get it from...

The cleaning closet.

She even puts the chips in one because they don't go stale!

Have you ever seen such organized sugar packets??  Yeah, me neither.  This reminds me a little of Sean Penn in that movie...what was it called?  The one where he's obsessed with the Beatles and names his daughter Lucy.

A whole lot of fruit fits in a seemingly small container!

The freezer.  She likes the small water bottles because they fit well in here.  She fills them halfway, freezes them, and then fills them with water so that they will have ice water all day.  They're a good size for kids too.  Caleb loves his!

You can fit two whole sticks of butter in one of these small containers!  Not bad! 

So there you have it...confessions of a Lock & Lock junkie!  :)  If you know my mom, you know that she's all in when she loves a product...and you also know that she doesn't "love" something if it isn't really awesome!  I'm telling you:  if you haven't tried them out yet, you really need to.  They have fabulous deals ("Like" them on Facebook to get the daily Happy Hour deals--those are the best!!) and the product is top notch!


mom said...

You need to explain that the box that says hot drinks is not has black marks from being burned in our old camper. It was stored on top of the wheel cover and because of a flaw in the cover the tire was hitting it and made the cover melt! My lock and lock was actually burned by the friction! It still works fine so I kept it.

LocknLockPlace said...

This is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome and so inspiring at the same time! I would love to have that kind of organization in my pantry at home. Looks like lock n lock is a great way to achieve that! Thanks for sharing!

Oh and the name of that movie is "Sam I Am". Great movie! : )


Anonymous said...

Ooops...apparently I was very tired yesterday. The movie is "I am Sam" haha