Thursday, July 7, 2011


We have some pretty great car conversations!  Here are a few recent ones:

C:  Hey, Momma, do you remember that time that I jumped off the diving board?

Me: (thinking I missed a rite of passage)  NO!  I don't! 

C:  Yeah, me neither.


C:  Momma, actually, when God doesn't like the babies anymore, He sends them down to families.  That's how we got Batgirl (his imaginary older sister).

Me:  OH!  Really?  Are you sure?  Well, then, is that how we got you?

C:  Oh, no.  God loves me very much and that's why He gave me to you.


C:  (after getting new Batman jibbits for his crocs) I'm so glad I got these so that I can protect my family.

Me:  How will you do that?

C:  Well, if a bad guy comes into my house, he'll come up to my room, see my Batman jibbits, and be so scared that Batman is going to get him that he will run away.

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