Friday, July 29, 2011

Chocolate Lover

Abby has FIVE teeth now, and at least one more on the way!  There are 3 on the top and two on the bottom, and they've all come in over the last 10 days!  It's crazy.

Because of that, she has taken pretty much nothing by mouth in the last two weeks.  It's not from lack of trying on our part, but she just doesn't seem to want anything coming near her mouth. 

Enter Sammi and her awesome cake baking and decorating skills!  She made Matt a super-cool Grave Digger monster truck cake for his birthday (a week late because they were at Momentum on his birthday). 

We put it in the freezer so that we could enjoy it after we got back from our trip, and enjoy we did...all four of us!

The girl has a sweet tooth, that's for sure!

**  Did I mention that Sammi got an ah-may-zing job as the head cake decorator at a well-known local bakery?  Did I also mention that she is fresh out of high school?!  True story!

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mom said...

She looks so cute in this video!