Monday, May 9, 2011

Yard Sale Time!!!

I will be having a table at my church's HUGE yard sale (if you are local, you definitely should come...there are 74 vendor tables, plus tons of additional stuff for sale that was donated to the church.  There are games for the kids and food too.  It's all to support the youth group, which is, ya know, kinda important to me!)

Annnnnnnnnnnnyway, I digress.  Like I was saying, I will be doing a yard sale and have been busy cleaning out some stuff and trying to simplify my life.  It's amazing how just four years ago we moved into this house and wondered how we would ever fill it.  Our sparse furnishings made it look so big and empty.  Ha!!  Not anymore!!

I was cleaning out all of my plastic storage containers and realized that I have a ton of Lock and Lock containers!  They are basically all I use because they don't leak and the containers are more durable than others.  So why in the world do I still have all of those other cheap brands?!?  I don't use them and they take up soooo much space, causing that cabinet to become extremely disorganized fast!  It's one of those throw-the-container-in-and-shut-the-door-quickly-before-it-all-tumbles-out-at-you kind of cabinets.  Do you have one of those??

So I grabbed several of my handy "Patient Belongings" bags that we seem to have a thousand of and started filling them!  Those "other" containers, minus a few that I am keeping for when I take dinner to someone, are going to somebody else's home!!

Now, I have a nice, neat cabinet filled (almost) totally with Lock-n-Lock!

By the way, the small containers work so well in lunches.  I try to be "green" and not send too much trash to throw away, so I can fill a small container with his sandwich or some fruit.  I even have one with two small pull-out trays that fit inside.  That one is perfect for carrots and dip, a hot dog and ketchup, or celery and peanut butter!  The two foods don't touch, and it makes for much easier clean-up (just throw it all in the dishwasher!) 

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to go! When and where is the yard sale?