Sunday, May 29, 2011

The View From Here

These were all taken by me holding my camera above my head so that you could see what I was seeing after some hard playing!  Caleb, Abby, and I spent the late afternoon in the backyard enjoying the warm weather!  This was a new adventure for me because, until now, I have never gone outside with Abby without another adult with me.  I'm getting braver these days (and spent half an hour planning and getting everything I needed so that I would be ready for an emergency!)

Abby was in a tiny little duck pool that was just her size (she could lean against the back, so it was perfect!) and Caleb played in the sprinkler.  Afterwards, we all laid on the deck and soaked up some vitamin D for a while.  It was lovely!

Don't you love those lips?!

She was totally out.  All that splashing is hard work!

Caleb was so cold he was shivering.

I can't have anymore kids.  I don't have anymore room on my lap!  :)

I love that pudgy little hand.

Look for some more pictures of our adventure soon!

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debbie said...

Yes, that pudgy little hand is adorable but I also think her feet and toes are the absolute bomb as well! (Just in case inquiring minds were wondering?!!!)