Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Dedication

Disclaimer:  I am going to take full advantage of the photo ops I had on Sunday and S-P-R-E-A-D the pictures I took out over the next few posts.  :)

The dedication was, in a word, perfect.  It meant so much to us to have so many family members and friends there to share this moment with us.  Here are a few pictures from the dedication itself.

Family Photos

Pastor Wagner gave Abby her very first Bible.

Caleb and Abby were both really good!!

Pastor Wagner shared the meaning of Abby's name and decided that she is a Joy, Joy, Joy!  :)
Abigail:  Father's Joy
Elizabeth:  Consecrated to God
Joy:  Joyful 

 Then, Abby went to "Papa Wagner!"

Pastor Wagner shook Caleb's hand too.

Off we go with our little entourage!
Stay tuned for many more pictures!  :)

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Amanda Davis said...

Looks like it was perfect. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

Amanda Davis