Thursday, May 19, 2011

Caleb is a Daddy!

On May 18th, Caleb became the proud daddy to four Painted Lady butterflies.  Their names are Butter, Bat Butterfly, Thomas the Butterfly, and Ms. Megan (as in the nurse Megan). 

We've really enjoyed this science-in-action project.  When we got the container in the mail, they were just tiny larvae that ate a ton!  Then, they began to hang upside down and spin their crysalids (sp?).  Once they were all hanging and in their comfy new homes, I transferred them to their big net house.  Exactly a week later, they emerged!!

Right after they come out, their wings are wet and limp.  We gave them a little time to dry and then we held them before they learned how to fly really well!

Caleb was a little nervous about holding them himself, but he loved getting close to them.

Abby was enthralled with this new creature!

Then, he fluttered right down and landed on her circuit!

Abby didn't seem to mind at all.  In fact, she kinda liked it!!

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