Friday, May 6, 2011


I have been fortunate to be chosen as a Lock-n-Lock blogger!  For the next few months, I will blog occasionally about Lock-n-Lock products...and will be getting some fabulous samples! 

If you don't know, I have loooooooooong since been a lover of Lock-n-Lock.  My love runs very deep!  You're probably familiar with the plasticwear they sell in Walmart and Target with the 4 sides of the lid that clip down onto the main dish.  Did you know that they don't leak???  Seriously, they don't!  They're also extremely durable.  Case in point:  my freezer is...ahem...less than organized these days from being overrun with frozen milk, and stuff often falls out.  A few weeks ago, two containers of soup I'd made and frozen fell out.  One was in a Lock-n-Lock container and one was in a plastic Ziploc container.  Guess which one shattered and left frozen shards of crab soup all over my floor?!  Not the Lock-n-Lock!

My first shipment of goodies came a few days ago, and WOW...not what I was expecting!  I thought I might get a small storage container or two, and I was thrilled with that idea!

Instead, I got:

A great glass pot with a steamer lid and a in-bowl removable strainer.  As you can see, I've already found a yummy use for it!

Two glass bakers that would be nice for a side of mac and cheese or some vegetable.

Two of the glass storage containers with the lock-n-lock lids (especially good now that they're saying not to microwave food in plastic containers!)

A box of Lock-in-Lock plastic storage wrap, which they say is microwavable.

So far, my favorite is the strainer bowl with the lid.  It's a nice size for lots of different things! 

You'll be hearing lots more about these products as I figure out new uses for them.  :)


Becca said...

enjoy the glass ones. We recycled and donated all of our old tupperware/rubbermaid/noname containers and went to all glass. Although I have fewer containers, I find it keeps my cupboards more organized and that I go through leftovers more efficiently because I don't have a zillion containers in the cupboard. The benefit of no PCBs and other nasties in our food is great, too. I will definitely be picking up that strainer thing.

Carrie said...

LOVE Lock n Lock! Didn't know they had the glass stuff. I'll have to look into that! I just got Camden the square bento lunch box that they make. It's great! No leaking lunch stuff!

Carrie said...

You should put an affliate button to these products on your blog. If Amazon carries them they have an easy affliate program to integrate. Of course that's if your blogging contract with lock n lock allows it.

mom said...

My camper could be a lock and lock ad!!! We have everything in these boxes. The stack so nicely and keep everything fresh. Moisture can't get in so sugar doesn't harden. Love these boxes!!!!!!!