Friday, May 20, 2011

BIG Sale!!!

I was on the Lock and Lock site this morning, and I noticed that they are having a HUGE sale on all of their food container sets.  This includes plastic, glass, and ceramic, as well as their lunch box sets!!  Note that this is only for the sets, not individual containers.  But you can definitely find uses for all of the sizes! 

If you're looking for some recommendations, I would high suggest the new Boroseal glass containers.  I've been really pleased with the quality and like that I can take them from the freezer, to the oven, to the table.

Use the code halfset at checkout to receive 50% off of these items.  The sale goes until May 26th.

**I did not receive any additional compensation for this post.  I am a registered Lock and Lock supporter, so I blog about products they send me and others I love.  I saw this good deal and figured I would let others know!

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