Monday, May 2, 2011

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby laughed today!!!!!!!!!!

It was the absolute sweetest sound ever!  No, it doesn't quite sound like a typical laugh because it's through the tubes, but we knew what it was and that is what is important!  It was beautiful to us!

What's even better is that Caleb was the one who did it, which made him feel so good!!  He was even happier when I tried to make Abby laugh and she just scowled out me.  She just loves her brother!

In case you aren't aware, this is a HUGE milestone for Abby because babies need to be able to push a lot of air through in order to laugh.  You can't laugh if your lungs can't take it.  Therefore, a typically 2-3 month milestone just didn't happen for her.  We had no idea when she would be able to do it.

I'll take it at six months and be incredibly thankful for it!!!  Yay for pushing air through!  Yay for laughing!!!!!!

PS:  I promise to get it on video one of these days so that you can also enjoy the cuteness. :)

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