Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This Sunday!!!

Abby's dedication is finally this Sunday!!  It certainly has been a long time coming, hasn't it?! 

We are so excited!  This is so much more than just a couple of minutes in front of the congregation for us.  The dedication is an opportunity we have to publically proclaim God's faithfulness and share some of the miracles He's performed on Abby.  I can't even begin to describe what it's like for us to prepare for this day, knowing that we weren't sure that it would come.  Be ready for lots of tears from us! 

Thank you so much for the understanding you've shown us regarding our need to come late and leave early with Abby.  While we would love to have Abby meet each of you who has so faithfully prayed her through her first six months of life, we just can't take the risk of her being exposed to so many germs.  There will be a day when she can get hugs and kisses from each of you, but her immune system is just too weak right now.

If you do not go to our church and would like to join us at Abby's dedication, we would love to see you there!  Dedications at our church are just a short part of a regular service.  Let us know if you'll be coming!  Matt and I will be tucked away in a corner with Abby and her humongous stroller, but we're going to try to have seats saved for people who are coming.  The late service (the one we'll be at) starts at 10:45 and goes until 12.

Thanks again for all of the support you've shown us.  I can't wait for you to see Abby in her pretty white dress!  (and a matching pretty bow, thanks to Aunt Amy!)

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Patricia Ensing said...

Julia, My prayers and thoughts will be with you on Abby's special day. I wanted so much to be able to come but this Sunday Jessica is going to be a flower girl in a wedding in PA for friends of our family. This day is extra special to families like ours as I know I took Jessica home to Michigan to be baptized in our home church so that she could wear the gown that my children, all my brothers and sisters and my mom and her cousins wore. It truly was a remarkable day as I know Abbys dedication will be for your family. Our poor minister was scarred to death to even hold her, as with all of her wires and machines,but in the end it was truly a very special service to think they made it this far. Take lots of pictures and please post when you can. Pat and Jessica