Monday, May 9, 2011


Before Spring Break, Caleb and I made a list of fun things we could do together.  Then, I wrote one on a slip of paper for each day of the break and he got to pick one out of the pile each morning.  It made for a fun little surprise for him and gave us some quality mother-son bonding each day. 

We went to the playground (as a whole family!), got some Rita's, baked and decorated cookies, and went to Paint-and-Pottery.  We did a few other things too that I can't think of off of  the top of my head!

Anyway, we visited Paint-and-Pottery, where he painted a lovely mug of many colors (inside and out!) while I painted him the Batman plate he requested.  He also asked that it have both his name and Batman' know, because he is Batman.  :)

If you've ever been to a pottery place like this, you know that you leave it there to be fired after you're done painting it. Caleb was none too thrilled about this part, but the excitement of unwrapping it when it was picked up made up for it. 

Here's the finished product of the plate!  (Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the mug.)

It's definitely a fun place to go.  Just remember, you break it, you buy it! 

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