Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's That Time Again...

So, I heard constant complaints about the temperature of our house over the winter.  We kept our heat at the recommended 68 degrees (a far cry from the 63 it used to be on before Abby came home!), but that apparently wasn't warm enough for all of the new people we have in our house these days.  The nurses said they were worried about Abby, but it always seemed like the space heater we bought for the room was always aimed right at them!

In typical Maryland fashion, we went from winter to summer in a matter of just a few weeks.  While I oh-so-enjoy the lovely spring weather, it just doesn't stay around very long in the mid-atlantic.  We're hitting 90 degrees with lots of humidity this week, and now there's a heat advisory for the next few days. 

All of this to say that I have already heard the "it's too hot in here for Abby" comments.  Again, my house is at the recommended 78 degrees....much, much cooler than the 85 it used to be on!!  My nurse today said she was about to open a window because it was so hot.  It's not!!  (I'm SO not telling them that we're part of SMECO's program where they can override our AC on the really hot days to save electricity...we'll just let them figure that out for themselves!)

I'm contemplating getting a fan, but I can't decide which one I want.  I need something that isn't going to take up a lot of space in our already too-cramped room.  I don't want an AC unit-just something that might keep things a bit cooler.  I'm also slightly concerned about the fan stirring up stuff that might irritate Abby.  I know that sometimes happens to me and makes me cough.  Suggestions welcome!

Here are a few I've found on Amazon.  Thoughts? 

Also, I'm interested in knowing...what's your thermostat set on in the summer?  Am I way out of the "norm" here? 


Melanie said...

We are the recommended 68/78 too! Tell them to suck it up, wear lighter clothes, and drink lots of water. :) It really isn't too warm for normal activity, especially not for sweet Abby!

Anonymous said...

Way out of the norm. That is recommended so things do not get moldy. That is not normal "living" temperature. Normal is in the 70-75 range. I could not work in those environment and a child can not sleep appropriately in that heat.

Julie said...

Alright, I asked for it, but I would love for you to at least identify yourself if you're going to slam me. Thanks! :)

Brandi said...

We don't even have A/C! Granted we live in Colorado so we don't have the intense humidity but summers here still get in the 90s just like Maryland. Yet so many houses out here still don't have A/C. We just use our ceiling fans and open the windows in the evening to cool off the house. In the winter we keep the thermostat set at 65. I think your settings are totally reasonable!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you and Melanie as to the 68/78 temperatures, and I have been my entire 40+ years. The anonymous comment in regards to that's not a normal "living" temperature is a hoot. You're not supposed to be sleeping or working in freezer box temperatures. I'll take my electric bill any day with the 68/78 temps. I'd be curious how many eco-saving measures people take and then crank their a/c down or their heat up. That would be classified as "gag on a gnat, swallow a camel". Have a great weekend!