Thursday, May 12, 2011

Glass vs. Plastic

I know a lot of people who have recently switched from using plastic storage containers to all glass because of the concern of chemicals getting into their food. 

I am not one of those people, mostly because I don't really like jumping on a bandwagon without knowing the details.  I got curious, so I did a little googling.

I first found this article answering some FAQs about glass vs plastic containers.  It more or less said to just make sure you know that your container is microwave safe.

Then, I saw a much more interesting Good Housekeeping article that actually tested different containers.  27 of the 31 different plastic containers tested contained no BPA.  The 4 that did were then tested using actual food microwaved in them.  Good news!  None of the food contained BPA!

Finally, I found this mythbuster site that pretty much said that there's not a lot of truth to all of the hype.

This article was pro-glass, but more from an environmental standpoint. I don't throw my plastic containers away anyway.  I reuse them just as much as I would glass.

This Canadian article had a good argument with some sound research backing it up.  It was the best pro-glass article I read. 

The vast majority of the research I saw basically said that the plastic containers nowadays are tested to ensure microwave safety.  I'd throw out that old container from 1974 if I were you, but all of your "new" plastics should be fine.

Nevertheless, I do really like the new glass Boroseal line by Lock-n-Lock.  They are a very thick, heavy glass with the same spillproof design, so you can go from the freezer to the microwave to the table in the same container. 

If you're sold on glass storage containers, go for it!  This isn't a post about not jumping on the bandwagons.  I'm just summarizing the research I've done so far.  If you have other information to share, either for or against going all-glass, please a kind and loving way. :)  I'm not looking for a big debate.  I'm actually curious to find out what others think.

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