Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clean Up

I used my new frying pan the other night for the first time, and LOVED it!!!! 


I don't lie about stuff I blog about, even if I'm compensated for blogging about it.  If there's something that I'm not fond of, I will tell you.  I think that is only fair to you!

But I LOVE this frying pan.  L-0-V-E it.

The food cooked thoroughly and quickly, which is always a plus.

This is the bottom of the pan, which I think contributes to the way the heat is distributed.

But what I loved most was the clean up...or lack there of! 

There was NO sticking (which I often have in my non-stick pan).  This is what it looked like when the food was taken out of it.

 and the water beaded up on the pan when I washed it.  It was awesome!!

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