Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is Butter.

Isn't he the most beautiful butterfly???

Well, Butter was born with just one antenna, and he can't really fly very well.  Something didn't quite develop correctly while he was in his crysalid. 

He instantly became everyone's favorite, and the one Caleb named first.  He was the one that would sit on everyone's finger the best.  Because he can't fly very well, he didn't really go anywhere when we released him into the wild.  I was really worried that something would happen to him, so we decided to allow him to live out his days in the comfort of his net home inside.

I guess we all kind of have a soft spot for the ones with the odds stacked against them, huh?

Thank you, Butter, for being a reminder of how God can take our imperfections and make them beautiful!

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