Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What it Was

Today, we received a CD of Abby's xrays from UMMC.  I cried a bit looking at them.  All I can say is, thank you Lord for healing my girl!! 

Matt and I decided to publish these on the blogisphere to loudly proclaim that God has healed our daughter. You simply can't look at these and think otherwise! I plan to get the xrays from JHH that we had done for the ortho appointment so that we can do some before and after shots.  Until then, these speak for themselves! 

Please note that these may be a little difficult to look at, as it is very evident to even the untrained eye that something is wrong.  Keep in mind that God has healed Abby SOOOOO much since these were done!

You can click on a picture to get a bigger image. 
This is the very first xray they took at less than an hour old, and the one we saw when they told us the news.  We could see that something wasn't right as soon as they pulled it up.  Can you see the gaps?  About 10 ribs are affected.  Now, they only see 8 gaps, and they are much smaller--like hairline fractures.
You can also kind of see how the vertebrae are stacked at the top of the spine.  It's a little difficult to see.

This was taken at 2 days old.  I think it's a better look at the ribs.  You can also see curve of her spine here.  This was pre-trach.

This really shows the curvature of her spine.  You can also definitely see they are stacked.  The tube is her trach.  I'm not really sure what the white glob is.  Any thoughts?

This one is incredible to me, because it CLEARLY shows rib gaps on her lower right ribs (the left side of the image) right up at the sternum.  Now, there are NO rib gaps anywhere near the sternum. 

There are many, many more, including a bunch of her brain MRI, but these should give you a good indication of what Abby's ribs and spine looked like. 


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