Friday, March 4, 2011

Worth the Read

My mom ordered this book about a month ago:

It wasn't cheap, but it is helpful to those without a lot of knowledge of trach care.  To make it more meaningful, I read the entire thing cover to cover and wrote notes in it to make it more specific to Abby's care.  Naturally, not everything in there pertains to her so I wanted to add my two cents as well.  It's now being passed around my family so that they can read it and get some information about basic trach care.  I like how clearly and simply everything is written.  There's a glossary in the back for medical terminology and most cares (trach ties, trach changes, suctioning, etc.) have step-by-step instructions.  Not that you should have to have the instructions near by as you're doing them (at least not on my child!), but it does give people a good reference!
The hospitals we've been to have asked to use my blog as a resource for families who might be embarking on a similar journey of trachs, vents, g-tubes, and the like.  I whole-heartedly agreed because our prayer is that we will be an encouragement to others through our experiences.  If Abby's life can point people toward the love of Christ, we're all for it!!  Anyway, I wanted to share this book because if you are new to trach care and don't really know where to start, this is a good place.  This website is also a wealth of knowledge, but be careful on the message boards.  You can easily learn too much about what could happen and make yourself a nervous Nellie!

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Mindi and Adrian said...

I found your blog through Patricia Craun- I am friends with her and also work with her. I'm a SLP at Children's. Your blog is wonderful and I think will be a great resource for other parents going through similar issues with their children with trachs/vents. Your daughter is so precious. Love your honesty of the ups and downs in caring for her. She is lucky to have you as a mom.