Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Latest Hurdle

We took Abby back to JHH last night because she had a fever, bloody trach secretions, lots of secretions in her nose and mouth, and had been exposed to the flu.  I called to talk to a Pediatric Pulminologist after we got the bloody secretions.  Thankfully, I spoke to one who had seen Abby as an inpatient and she definitely wanted us to bring her in.  Unfortunately, they had changed shifts by the time we got there and we saw someone who'd never seen Abby.  They sent us home thinking we were paranoid, overreacting parents.  I'm hoping they are right.

Nothing has changed, but nothing has gotten worse either.  I'm not overly confident in the trach culture that was done, so I may get another one done at the pediatrician's office if things don't improve over the next few days.  (Obviously, it's right back to JHH we go if things worsen!) 

We got home about 1:30 a.m. last night and went to bed around 2:30, only to be up bright and early for work with no naps in sight today, and a night nurse not coming until midnight tonight. AND, I just found out that we might not have nursing during the day time tomorrow.  BUT, it's much better than no nursing at night!!

On a positive note, we have made some nursing changes and are very pleased with the way things are going.  We now have two wonderful day nurses who read books to Abby, play with her, sing, and strive to keep her awake and active.  They truly make her their focus.  We're really happy now and much less stressed!  Now if we could just get some sleep...

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