Saturday, March 12, 2011

Horizon Milk

If any of you have young milk drinkers and try to buy organic products, you are probably familiar with Horizon Milk.  This stuff is pretty pricey in the grocery store (a half gallon is as much as a whole gallon of non-organic!) but it's a pretty good deal on Amazon for the individual cartons.  Plus, you can sign up for subscribe-and-save and save an extra 15%!  (Remember to cancel it after you get the milk!) 

Note:  I believe that only diapers and wipes earn a 30% discount.  Most other things seem to be 15%.

Also, check the e-clippable coupons because I have seen Horizon on there every now and then!  You can save an extra couple of dollars!

These are great to throw in with lunches, and they don't need to be refridgerated!  We are water-and-milk people, so Caleb pretty much just gets one or the other in his lunches.  Happy milk-drinking!

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