Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some good gifts for birthdays, Easter, etc., here are a few tried-and-true suggestions:

Caleb has this CD and LOVES it!  He laughs and laughs and laughs at Barry Louis Polisar's songs.  We saw him this summer when he came to the public library, and his songs really are quite clever.  He writes a lot of books too.  We have two of them:

This one is very tongue-in-cheek and comical for adults as well as kids!

This one is written in more of a story format but is also very enjoyable.
You can never go wrong with a Veggie Tales movie either!  These are two of Caleb's favorites:


For the younger ones, Abby really loves her seahorse.  It puts her to sleep every night.  We're still coming up with a name for it.  Caleb's picks are "seahorse" or "pink."  We're trying to get him to branch out a bit.

We're also really big fans of Baby Einstein toys like these: 

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mom said...

I especially like the Bendy Ball because a small baby can still get their fingers into the little holes and it's easy for them to hold.