Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I recently joined Amazon Mom, and OHHHHHH boy, am I hooked!  I will never buy diapers from the grocery store again (unless, you know, we run out...because expensive diapers are better than no diapers at all!)

With Amazon Mom, you get a free three month subscription to Amazon Prime, which means free 2-day shipping.  Yay!  Plus, with every $25 you spend, you extend your membership a month.  Double yay!! 

You can use coupons that are found in a lot of the baby magazines like American Baby, Parenting, Parents, etc.  They might be for $10 off diapers or 20% off your total order.  The catch is that each coupon can only be used once, so no coupon code sharing.  Coupons do often stack though, so you could use a $10 off and 20% off coupon at once.  Amazon also has e-clippable coupons (you choose the one you want to "clip" online.  I got an extra $2 diapers last time!)

Then, when you order your diapers, wipes, etc. from Amazon Mom, you want to sign up for the monthly subscription for the item you just ordered.  It's called "Subscribe and Save."  This will ensure you an extra 30% off of your order.  Signing up is free, and you can cancel the subscription at any time....like, right after your diapers are shipped!  Just keep signing up and canceling in order to get your 30% off!  It's a fabulous loop-hole, doncha think?!

My box of 252 diapers started out being $42.99.  I got $10 off with a coupon from a magazine (thanks Amy!), and another $2 off from the e-clippable coupon.  Then I got 30% off for the subscription service (which I promptly cancelled upon delivery!!), making my total $18.xx shipped!!  That's less than 8 cents a diaper, folks!!!

I also ordered some wipes last week for not quite as good a deal, but still cheaper than the store...AND they were delivered to my door, which means a lot these days!

This is a post that explains in even more detail how Amazon Mom works.  You really can get some great deals!

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gail said...

i actually do the "subscribe and save" feature for some food items that jason and i eat on a regular basis. strawberry nutrigrain bars for example. jason eats one every morning. at the store they are about $3.50 a box on amazon they are closer to $2.25 AND i don't have to make a special trip to the grocery store on sunday night to make sure we have them for monday morning. win win.