Saturday, March 19, 2011


...the caption winner!!!

Your task was to come up with a clever caption for this photo:

abby 3

And we had some pretty cute ones!  Some favorites were:

Hey Mooooommmmmm, did you SEE what Caleb just ATE? yuck!  ~Carrie (If you know Caleb, then you know this isn't a far-off statement...the kid is ALL boy!)

You call that a cabbage patch! ~Ferguson Family (in light of Caleb's dance craze)

Is that another "stink bug" I see crawling towards me?? ~Dona (Thankfully, we live too close to the beach to get these, but I hear they are taking over some houses!)

OH MAN!!! Her she Comes with that camera AGAIN!!!! ~Eric (I'm afraid she may get flash blindness!)

But the winner of the $15 gift certificate goes to:

(drum roll, please!)


Again with the trach tie change????? are you KIDDING me, Mom???? (and a little huffy sigh) ~Betsie!

Congrats, Betsie!  You know Abby well, because she seriously does get this look when we put her on the changer to do them every night.  And the little huffy sigh was the perfect ending, because the girl's got attitude.  She's quite a diva, and you managed to capture that in your post.  Way to go!!!  :)  I'll be emailing ya soon...

Thanks to all who participated!  I hope you had fun, and I'm hoping to get some more opportunities to do giveaways in the future.  :)

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Dona said...

Congrats, Betsie! This was fun, Julie...I am excited I made an Honorable Mention. :) (And you are lucky if you are not experiencing stink bugs. The day you posted the picture I killed several and am still killing them daily. I am sure that that face Abby made is exactly like the one I make everytime I see a new one.) Can't wait for the next contest!!