Saturday, March 12, 2011

10 Things

1.  Our pulminary appointment was anticlimatic.  It was supposed to be the magical appointment that gave us the answers to all of life's questions (or at least a lot of questions that we had about Abby's development!) but it didn't.  We've come to the conclusion that no one really knows what to do with Abby and therefore no one wants to take responsibility for her.  :o/ 

2.  I am super excited about my first giveaway!  Stay tuned for more details probably next week.  I'm hoping that this will be the first of many for you wonderful blog readers and stalkers!

3.  Today was the BIG test for which I've been studying for the last month.  The real test wasn't nearly as difficult overall as the practice test I took, so I'm hoping for good results.  We'll find out in a month!

4.  I found a new consignment shop owned by some SLES parents.  It's very fun with good prices, so if you are local, check out Cleaning Out Our Closets!  :)

5.  We are a third of the way through MSA testing (5th grade has science too!)  What a stressful time for teachers and students!

6.  This week, I made appointments with the orthopaedic surgeon, an oral stimulation consultation, cranial technology consultation, ENT, and the chief of pediatric surgery (to talk about her ribs.)  We seriously have an average of one appointment a week.  Either gas prices need to drop dramatically or we need to move closer to Baltimore!

7.  Abby's dedication date has been set!  There will be many tears of JOY on May 15th! 

8.  Amazon needs to start an actual online grocery store.  Until then, I am forced to drive to Giant.

9.  Abby blew through a diaper last night like nobody's business.  It was spectacular.  It would have been even better if it hadn't been all over a brand new outfit that she'd worn all of 10 minutes!!

10.  Somebody is letting Caleb watch MTV when we're not around.  Seriously, I don't know where he gets these moves of his.  It's a little concerning...

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