Monday, March 7, 2011

Cuddle Time

The other night, Abby was rather fussy and wanting to be held.  Having a child that you are unable to hold for a long time and even then have to ask for permission to hold in the hospital means that you are actually thankful for these kinds of nights!  (Wow, I'm pretty sure that was a run-on sentence.  Don't tell my kids.  Let's call it my writing style.)  *wink*

Anyway, I digress.

Like I said, I loved every minute of it!  The girl snuggled right on up to me and slept so soundly for about an hour before I laid her down. 

holding 1

abby sleeping
She fell alseep holding my shirt. :)

momma and abby

abby and momma 2

abby and momma 3

Lord, help me to never grow tired of holding my girl.


Anonymous said...

Great pics of priceless moments.

Jennifer said...

Love this!

Anonymous said... on sentence. I won't tell. It fit perfectly in your writing style. And Nope..I don't believe you'll ever tire of holding your girl. It's a Momma thing!!!

MaryJo Bevard said...

Sorry my name didn't show on my comment.The Yep..runn on thing. Keep cuddling.

Danielle said...

Audry falls asleep like that too :) She is a beautiful little girl and she has a wonderful mommy who knows when to sit still and snuggle.