Monday, March 7, 2011

The Best Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's, Anniversary, and Mother's Day for the Next Two Years Present Ever!

We bought our Nikon D90 the day before I went into the hospital for preterm labor.  I remember playing with it that night taking goofy pictures of Matt. 

After the hoopla of the next day and being worried about having it stolen in the hospital, I missed out on using it very much over the next five weeks.  But that soon changed when my beauty was born! 

I am officially a digital SLR camera lover.  I ADORE THIS CAMERA!

It is worth every cent we paid for it and I am perfectly fine with it being my present for a very long time! 

Eventually, I hope to get a good lens for close-ups and maybe an external flash, but those are long term goals.  Right now, I'm enjoying learning lots more about photography and playing with the different settings.  It also takes a good little video!

If you're in the market for a camera upgrade, I would highly suggest Nikon.  My point-and-shoot was also a Nikon and I love it too.  But if you're going SLR, I would go for the D90.  I've been so pleased with the pictures I've gotten--especially the clarity.  I haven't seen much of the graininess I would sometimes get with my point-and-shoot. 

It's not a cheap camera, but it sure is a good one!!


mom said...

Isn't this the same one Amy got? I love the pictures both of you take!

Julie said...

No, Amy's is the D3000. They are similar.